2012 – Looking forward and setting goals.

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This time last year, when I was setting my goals for 2011 – I didn’t have much (I didn’t have anything) to base them on.

This year, I do.

I realize that at my level of running, the only person I am truly competing with is myself. I take that competition pretty seriously though. In 2011 I raced every distance from the 5k to the Marathon. This year, I plan on doing the same, only better. In 2011 I wanted to run 1500 miles, I fell short. This year, I won’t, and I’ll run more.  In 2011 I got injured, mostly due to overuse and not doing enough about “the little things” (definitely want to write a blog about those little things). This year, I’m starting off already doing the little things, so (hopefully) I won’t have the same set backs.

Here are some of the goals:

  • 5k: 18:59 (sub 19)
  • 10k: 39:59 (sub 40)
  • Half: 1:29:59 (sub 1:30)
  • Marathon: TBD (run another, run it better, maybe BQ?)
  • Mileage: 1600 miles or more

I know that I want to get fast. I also know that in order to get fast you have to run fast, which means you have to train hard. I know I like to train, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

More to come.



2011 – Year in Review

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I’ve officially been a runner for an entire year, feels so good! I started my journey as a runner in October of 2010 with a goal of completing one half-marathon. Never would have guessed that less than a year later I would have completed 3 half marathons as well as a full marathon.

Here are some highlights from 2011:

  • One 5k: Holiday Half and 5k
  • One 10k: Cinco De Mayo 10k
  • One 15k: Shamrock Run
  • 3 Half Marathons: Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona, Whidbey Island Half, Sauvie Island Flat ‘n’ Fast Half.
  • One Marathon: Portland Marathon
  • One epic 200 mile relay: Hood to Coast Relay

I set some pretty ambitious goals at the beginning of the year, I met some, I didn’t meet others. What I’m most excited about is that I am now a runner and eagerly looking forward to the years ahead of me AS a runner.

  • I wanted to run 1500 miles in 2011, I ended up at 1,440.48.
  • I wanted to run my first marathon under 3:30, I did. In 3:23:13.
  • Wanted to break 1:40 in the half, I did. PR is 1:32:41 @ Sauvie.
  • Wanted to break 6:00 in the mile, never attempted this one. May of this year, I’ll get a shot at it.

After 1,440 miles. 8 races. Countless hours of stretching, massage, and ice baths – i’m still hungry for more.

Bring it on 2012.



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I did it. I ran the Portland Marathon on October 9th, 2011.

My new years resolution was to run a marathon, and I signed up for the race on January 1st, 2011. Little did I know that over the first 10 months of the year I would run 3 half marathons, a full marathon, and still be hungry for more.

I had several goals for the race, and they seemed to evolve as I evolved as a runner. At first, I wanted to finish. Then, I wanted to finish strong. By July I started thinking about breaking 3:30, then I landed on shooting for  3:20.

3:20 didn’t happen, but I’m glad I went for it. My official time was 3:23:13 (I even have my finishers certificate to prove it!). The hundreds of miles logged, the hours of stretching and massage, as well as the painful evenings of foam rolling all paid off.

Here are my mile splits:

  1. 7:30
  2. 7:50
  3. 7:44
  4. 7:29
  5. 7:39
  6. 7:54 (quick bathroom break)
  7. 7:54
  8. 7:38
  9. 7:30
  10. 7:33
  11. 7:29
  12. 7:41
  13. 7:40
  14. 7:45
  15. 7:48
  16. 7:47
  17. 8:16 (St. Johns Bridge, ouch)
  18. 7:44
  19. 7:48
  20. 7:44
  21. 7:47
  22. 7:33
  23. 7:45
  24. 7:54
  25. 8:20
  26. 8:00 + (final .2 in 1:24)
And here is a picture of the final kick, about 200 yards from the finish:
October 9th was a really special day for me. At the beginning of the race I was a runner, at the end I was a marathoner. I’m almost 1500 miles into this journey and I’m loving every stride of the way.
I can’t help but ask, what’s next? I’ve got a couple half marathons over the next 3 months, I’ll work on speed and have some fun running shorter races. As far as the marathon, there will definitely be another.

One Month.

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It is officially under one month until the Portland Marathon.

Over the past 12 weeks I’ve worked hard to build a strong base. Spending time working on endurance, and working hard to become faster and add speed. It’s the first time I’ve trained for a marathon, so naturally, I didn’t know what obstacles to expect.

The main thing I never saw coming was injury. I’m only 23, and when I signed up for Portland I was 22. I feel like I am 100% invincible (let’s face it, I signed up for a Marathon before I even ran a 1/2 Marathon) and I would have never guessed that I would have had to deal with injury. Even though they weren’t fatal, Plantar Fasciitis was the worst and dealing with my quad has taken a lot of extra time dedicated to stretching, massage and icing.

With less than a month to go, I’ve got some huge workouts on the horizon. 20+ miles this next weekend. Won’t worry about my pace, but definitely want to finish feeling strong and get in 4-5 miles at 7:25 or faster. The other workouts will revolve around marathon pace work, which I feel really confident about.

Can’t wait to see all of this hard work payoff.

See you October 9th, Portland.



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12 guys, 200 miles, 2 vans, sweat, blisters, and a ton of food. My first Hood to Coast was an absolute success.

I got asked to join the Dairy Airs H2C team about 2 months before the big race. I figured it would be a great “gut-check,” considering it was only 6 weeks before the Portland Marathon.

Nothing that I did in training could have prepared me for H2C. The doubling up twice a week with my runs, the intervals, the long runs, the nutrition, nothing. Staying awake for over 30 hours and running when the last thing you want to do is stand up, is, well, hard.

I did leg 10. Which meant that I was in van 2 and had to run leg 10, 22, and 34. Cumulative mileage was just over 15 miles and my average pace was about 6:50/mile. The Dairy Airs ended up 45th overall (out of 1250 teams) and 6th in mens open corporate20110907-073921.jpgSee you next year guys!


Independence Day.

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There are all sorts of 4th of July traditions. Most people get out on the lake, barbeque, drink beer, and shoot off fireworks.

…I ran my third half-marathon in 1 hour 32 minutes and 41 seconds.


This is my Race Review.

Unlike my first two HM’s, this training cycle was very regimented. I did speed work on Tuesday, tempo work on Thursday, long runs on Sunday and the rest of my days were filled with easy runs, cross training and yoga. My highest weekly mileage was 47 miles and I felt very strong going into this race.

I had a few goals that I really wanted to hit going into this race.

  • Consistent pacing (check for miles 1-11)
  • Run a sub-1:35 (check)
  • Leave it all out there (check)

Here are my mile splits for the 13.1:

  • 1. 6:55
  • 2. 7:04
  • 3. 7:08
  • 4. 7:07
  • 5. 7:05
  • 6. 6:58
  • 7. 7:05
  • 8. 7:03
  • 9. 7:09
  • 10. 7:00
  • 11. 7:05
  • 12. 7:13 (ugh)
  • 13. 7:11 (ugh)
  • .1: 35 seconds

I didn’t have the extra ‘umph’ those last 3 miles that i’d hoped for, but I can’t complain about a 5 minute PR in less than 3 months. Next half will be under 1:30, and THAT is something that I can’t wait for.

Next up: a couple 5k/10k races, Hood to Coast (woohoo) and the Portland Marathon on October 9th.

Get it!



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I thought that it would be easy to stay consistent with blogging, but it hasn’t been easy at all.

I haven’t posted since February and a LOT has happened since then.

I’ve already met the goal of breaking 1:40 in the half.

  • Whidbey Island Half Marathon – 1:37:26

I ran a pretty strong debut 15K.

  • Shamrock Run 15k – 1:06:32

Ran my 2nd 10k ever and I was 14 minutes faster than my first one.

  • Cinco de Mayo 10k – 42:00

Training has really progressed too, I’ve been up in the mid-40’s each week with mileage, and speed work has been strong and consistent.

Next up for me? My third half marathon is next monday, the Sauvie Island Flat and Fast Half marathon (expect a full race report) and then I’ll start cranking on the miles to get ready for the Portland Marathon.

Really hoping to get more consistent with the blog updates, even if it is to simply keep myself accountable.