2011 – My First Full Year of Running

This year I plan on doing a lot more than running across a few finish lines.

I plan on setting a ton of goals and kicking every one of them in the butt.

  • This year I will run atleast 1500 miles.
  • This year I will run a mile in under 6 minutes.
  • This year I will run a marathon in 3:30 or less.
  • This year I will run a half marathon under 1:40.

Also, this year I’ll look good doing it in my Lunaracer’s…

Current training looks like this:

  • M: rest
  • T: Speed Day – Track or Tempo
  • W: Easy Effort – 6 miles or more at 140 BPM
  • Th: Fartlek or Hill – This is where I’ll really get stronger as a runner
  • F: Medium Effort – 7:30-8:15 average pace.
  • S: XC – Bike/Elliptical
  • Sun: Long Run – Slow and long

I lift weights 3-4 times a week switching between focus on slow twitch and fast twitch and always putting emphasis on my core and balance.

Love it.



~ by Michael Wolber on February 22, 2011.

One Response to “2011 – My First Full Year of Running”

  1. Hi, I think all your goals are resonable.. I did 3.28 for my first, 7:58-8:00 mm is very responable

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