One Month.

It is officially under one month until the Portland Marathon.

Over the past 12 weeks I’ve worked hard to build a strong base. Spending time working on endurance, and working hard to become faster and add speed. It’s the first time I’ve trained for a marathon, so naturally, I didn’t know what obstacles to expect.

The main thing I never saw coming was injury. I’m only 23, and when I signed up for Portland I was 22. I feel like I am 100% invincible (let’s face it, I signed up for a Marathon before I even ran a 1/2 Marathon) and I would have never guessed that I would have had to deal with injury. Even though they weren’t fatal, Plantar Fasciitis was the worst and dealing with my quad has taken a lot of extra time dedicated to stretching, massage and icing.

With less than a month to go, I’ve got some huge workouts on the horizon. 20+ miles this next weekend. Won’t worry about my pace, but definitely want to finish feeling strong and get in 4-5 miles at 7:25 or faster. The other workouts will revolve around marathon pace work, which I feel really confident about.

Can’t wait to see all of this hard work payoff.

See you October 9th, Portland.



~ by Michael Wolber on September 13, 2011.

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