2012 – Looking forward and setting goals.

This time last year, when I was setting my goals for 2011 – I didn’t have much (I didn’t have anything) to base them on.

This year, I do.

I realize that at my level of running, the only person I am truly competing with is myself. I take that competition pretty seriously though. In 2011 I raced every distance from the 5k to the Marathon. This year, I plan on doing the same, only better. In 2011 I wanted to run 1500 miles, I fell short. This year, I won’t, and I’ll run more.  In 2011 I got injured, mostly due to overuse and not doing enough about “the little things” (definitely want to write a blog about those little things). This year, I’m starting off already doing the little things, so (hopefully) I won’t have the same set backs.

Here are some of the goals:

  • 5k: 18:59 (sub 19)
  • 10k: 39:59 (sub 40)
  • Half: 1:29:59 (sub 1:30)
  • Marathon: TBD (run another, run it better, maybe BQ?)
  • Mileage: 1600 miles or more

I know that I want to get fast. I also know that in order to get fast you have to run fast, which means you have to train hard. I know I like to train, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

More to come.



~ by Michael Wolber on January 9, 2012.

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